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Recently, the Business Model Canvas has become so popular in Indonesia. There are many academicians who teach This Business Model Canvas (BMC). This business plan model is often compared with Traditional Business Model, and many people know that BMC is the better one. BMC has 9 Puzzles / blocks of business activities which can result in a strong strategy if they are all combined. To get to know more about what the nine blocks of business activities are, read the following information.

9 Building Blocks of Business Model Canvas #

1. Value Proposition #

This segment has a function as an offer to the market sector. The value proposition will usually determine what kind of customers will be in the market. In other words, this segment of course will affect the segment of customer relationship and channel.

2. Customer Segment #

This segment should be initially placed before you start a business. What kind of people will become target market? Will this customer segment lead to one type or several types? After this segment is established, the other segments will automatically follow.

3. Customer Relationship #

Costumer relationship is very useful, of course, this will affect the recognition of products and market segments of customers. That is why, it is very necessary to be strengthened, considering the importance of establishing relationships with customers. This will have a positive impact on the progress of your business.

4. Channels #

Channels are a medium for a company or organization to convey the value proposition of their value proposition in the market. The channel means connecting the value proposition to customer segment with a good service.

5. Revenue Stream #

Revenue stream can be interpreted as an important component in a business canvas plan. In real life, a company will not be able to directly sell goods to the customer segment in a broad market. It can be done through revenue stream or a distributor before the traded goods are sold to consumers, who directly use the products of the company itself. So revenue can actually be obtained not from the customer, but through the revenue stream.

6. Key Resources #

Key Resources can be the main thing you need in business. This can include technology, production equipment, capital, channels, brands, labor and others that can support the creation of a product.

7. Key Partnership #

Key partnership is one of the media that utilize business partners in increasing the sale value. The sale value of a product issued by a company requires a partnership like a joint venture, strategic alliance, joint operation, and outsourcing.

8. Key Activities #

Key activities are all activities that attempt by the company to add value to the sale or to create a product value proposition.

9. Cost Structure #

The cost structure should be carefully determined and structured in order to make a company get a profit that is equal to what it has spent. This is the key to make the income efficient.

These nine segments of the BMC are very related to each other. Therefore, it is important to take everything into account, so that your business will be easier to plan and move forward more smoothly. Hopefully the information about BMC can help you solve your business problems.


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