The Important Uses of SODEA (Software Aplikasi Untuk Desa)

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SODEA (Software Desa Arfadia / Software untuk Desa), Its primary goal is to help to improve the village’s development through the sophisticated and efficient digital tool or software created by the professional team. Now, let’s get to know more about this great software is written below.

The amazing uses of SODEA. #

In the paragraphs below, there will be an essential list that reveals the amazing uses you can get only in SODEA

1. The standard guidelines

The standard guidelines written here are specifically related to the guidelines used for the governmental affairs. In other words, SODEA provides the standard regulations regarding the development system of the village and many other related cases.

2. Supervision media

Not only guiding the village for its governmental affairs, but SODEA also can be the great media for the supervision activity. Through this sophisticated software, the data produced will be much more efficient, transparent and accountable.

3. Accelerate the village’s development

As part of the best digital agency Indonesia, Arfadia makes sure that SODEA is the perfect tool that can be used to help to improve the village’s development in any kinds of field.

4. Village’s website

To produce the best results, Arfadia also offers the online website that covers the profile of the village to be introduced to many people around the world. In other words, SODEA literally helps the village to go to the next level through the digital world.

Based on the article written above, the SODEA application (Software Desa / Aplikasi Desa / Sistem Informasi Desa) provided by Arfadia is highly recommended for some of the villages that need much improvement in this digital era.

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