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Atera is a vendor of educational props whose quality is no doubt. Atera provides a variety of teaching aids for various levels of education-from Kindergarten, Primary, Junior High, Senior High / Vocational, Political, to University levels. Of course, every product offered meets the standards and adjusts to the age of the user to reduce the risks and things you do not want.

In addition, the price offered for Atera - Toko Jual Alat Peraga educational aids will not make spending budgets swell. This is what makes a number of schools to college a permanent customer Atera.

In the world of education, visual aids are needed for students to understand a subject. Not only that, with props, teachers can more easily transfer their knowledge to students. Well, to get props, there are many stores based education that provides it, one of them Atera. With the vision of becoming an urban street wear brand with Indonesian theme, Atera wants to be the leading and biggest store in Indonesia. There are many props that are provided in this store, ranging from educational aids, health, sports, robotics, to PLC and Pneumatic. Props for school level SMK, SMA, SMP, SD, even TK PAUD was also provided in full.

The government has been advocating for active learning rather than passive. That is student-centered learning. Not on the teacher. So that all students can actively carry out the learning activities. To create it. It’s better to use the help of educational aids. So the result is more leverage.
Children, can wear the props. To know the lessons they learned. Atera - Distributor Alat Peraga Pendidikan is a place that will provide all the educational aids you need. There are for children kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school, vocational school even up to university. Almost all subjects can use props. You will also be easier to teach to the students. So just message at http://www.atera.id

ATERA Office Locations,
Raudha Building 2nd Floor.
JL. Kuningan Barat II No. 21, Mampang Prapatan. South Jakarta, 12710, Indonesia.

Contact ATERA,
HP / WA: 08118867897,
Tel: +622152921431, +622152921428, +622152921429, +62215272455
Fax: +622129557527

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